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MERCHANDISE. By this term is understood all those things which merchants sell either wholesale or retail, as dry goods, hardware, groceries, drugs, &c. It is usually applied to personal chattels only, and to those which are not required for food or immediate support, but such as remain after having been used or which are used only by a slow consumption. Vide Pardess. n. 8; Dig. 13, 3, 1; Id. 19, 4, 1; Id. 50, 16, 66. 8 Pet. 277; 2 Story, R. 16, 53, 54; 6 Wend. 335.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Prior to Bluestem Brands, Shively was vice president of merchandising for Deal$, a chain of discount variety stores owned and later re-branded by Dollar Tree.
She transitioned to her most recent position, vice president of O-T-C merchandising, in 2015.
Merchandising Cloud from One Door is a cloud-based visual merchandising and space planning application that transforms the way retail merchandising and store teams communicate, collaborate and execute merchandising plans in store.
Good merchandising helps organize the store and suggests additional sales, improving the shopping experience.
With the acquisitions of Team Retail Solutions, SEE Merchandising and anticipated additional investments, Dyehard will offer an expansive network of merchandise companies that will offer a retail experience for fans and customers at sports, music and entertainment events.
Other changes in food merchandising include the promotion of Seth Malley to VP and divisional merchandise manager, beverage.
At Raley's, the concepts for holiday displays are a collaborative effort among advertising, sales and merchandising, Minor says, offering this caveat: "When using mobile merchandisers, arrange your merchandise so it's easily shoppable.
'This is a milestone for the fashion merchandising students.
In May, Premier Brands had won the bid for merchandising and licensing deal for the Commonwealth Games with an estimated revenue of ` 1 00 crore from the contract.
The design meets our merchandising needs, and we will plan future ones using many of HDI's standard elements." In addition, HDI successfully fast tracked the planning, design and construction drawings in only four months.
Cook provides an informative account of how children's wear merchandising became increasingly segmented and child focused.
As a result, it concluded that many of these programs may be blended to include current purchases, annual purchases and some level of retail merchandising activity.