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While those two movies will no doubt appeal to boys, DreamWorks will be focusing on girls ages 3-10 with its merchandising for ``The Spirit,'' which follows the adventures of a rambunctious mustang stallion.
Abrams supervises merchandising and promotion of compact disc, pre-recorded tape cassette, and video movie sales.
Oaktree's merchandising and marketing plan will call for clothing to encourage mix-and-matching for multiple sales.
In the new position, Alan will lead merchandising strategies for the Company's retail and distribution divisions.
Louis, will become president and chief executive officer of May Merchandising.
The Store Server Appliance controls digital signage, overhead music and video for support of merchandising and promotional initiatives throughout the store.
Still, Wyatt and others in the merchandising side of the film industry say that with the potential for big profits comes big risks.
com, "We are delighted by the prospect of acquiring a growing business such as Exhibit Merchandising LLC.
When it comes to merchandising their site, Jamestown can now automatically combine business know-how with intelligence gleaned from their Fireclick analytics.
Mercado Software, a leading provider of e-commerce search and merchandising solutions today announced Hanna Andersson (http://www.
With nearly one million individual consumer packaged goods (CPG) items available and the noticeable shifts in effective merchandising displays and promotions in the marketplace, it is difficult for consumers to make purchasing decisions.