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noun businessperson, chandler, dealer, distributer, distributor, entrepreneur, handler, hawker, huckster, mercator, merchandiser, middleman, monger, peddler, retailer, salesperson, seller, shopkeeper, shopman, storekeeper, trader, vendor
Foreign phrases: Jus accrescendi inter mercatores, pro beneficio commercii, locum non habet.The right of surrivorship does not exist between merchants for the benefit of commerce.
See also: dealer, supplier, vendor

LAW, MERCHANT. A system of customs acknowledged and taken notice of by all commercial nations; and those customs constitute a part of the general law of the land; and being a part of that law their existence cannot be proved by witnesses, but the judges are bound to take notice of them ex officio. See Beawes' Lex Mercatoria Rediviva; Caines' Lex Mercatoria Americana; Com. Dig. Merchant, D; Chit. Comm. Law; Pardess. Droit Commercial; Collection des Lois Maritimes anterieure au dix hutiŠme siŠcle, par Dupin; Capmany, Costumbres Maritimas; II Consolato del Mare; Us et Coutumes de la Mer; Piantandia, Della Giurisprudenze Maritina Commerciale, Antica e Moderna; Valin, Commentaire sur l'Ordonnance de la Marine, du Mois d'Aout, 1681; Boulay-Paty, Dr. Comm.; Boucher, Institutions au Droit Maritime.

MERCHANT. One whose business it is to buy and sell merchandise; this applies to all persons who habitually trade in merchandise. 1 Watts & S. 469; 2 Salk. 445.
     2. In another sense, it signifies a person who owns ships, and trades, by means of them, with foreign nations, or with the different States of the United States; these are known by the name of shipping merchants. Com. Dig. Merchant, A; Dyer, R. 279 b; Bac. Ab. h.t.
     3. According to an old authority, there are four species of merchants, namely, merchant adventurers, merchant dormant, merchant travellers, and merchant residents. 2 Brownl. 99. Vide, generally, 9 Salk. R. 445; Bac. Ab. h.t.; Com. Dig. h.t.; 1 Bl. Com. 75, 260; 1 Pard. Dr. Com. n. 78

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In October 2013, Iran's naval forces rescued one of its country's merchant ships in Aden, which was attacked by five speedboats with armed pirates on board.
As a result, the British began sailing merchant ships in convoys escorted by the Royal Navy.
A few months earlier in 1776, Jones, commanding the sloop Providence, was assigned to escort merchant ships sailing between Rhode Island and Long Island Sound ports.
Sayyari said the Jamaran caught up with the captured merchant ship last Friday and fought a battle with the pirates that lasted 36 hours over that day and the next day.
The merchant ship "Victoria" was headed for the Alexandria Port in Egypt and had departed from Lattakia Port in Syria on March 6 before stopping at Turkey's Mersin Port.
The police said the merchant ship was bound for the United Arab Emirates, carrying generators and gas cylinders in addition to other goods.
A wonderful sight to see them towing huge merchant ships along the River Tees to the various wharfs.
The sight of armed men moving on and off a merchant ship alarmed the Indian Navy and touched off an Indian diplomatic flurry.
India is considering providing armed guards on merchant ships and in this regard Director General (Shipping) will have to seek approval from the Indian Government," said a well-placed government source when asked if armed guards could be allowed on merchant ship.
30am by the passing merchant ship Toledo Carrier and airlifted by Coastguard helicopter to hospital with hypothermia and shock.
In 1842, the merchant ship Caledonia wrecked off a particularly notorious stretch on the Cornish coast.
Little notice is taken by the public of National Merchant Navy day, though it marks the start of World War Two in 1939 when the British merchant ship SS Athenia was sunk.

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