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Employing Merchantry's software, Modell's is now able to offer its online shoppers:
Merchantry empowers retailers - both established and non-traditional outlets including media companies - to make any product available at every shopper touchpoint.
Paralleling his analysis of Russian society before Peter I, Gasprinskiy identifies three estates among Russia's Muslims as potential candidates for this purpose: nobility, merchantry, and Islamic scholars.
JC: But yet and still, those kids were saying, "Man, you can't tell me nothing because that's my Rolls Royce parked over there." Because they got involved in the street merchantry, okay?
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 11, 2015-Tradeshift Acquires Merchantry in USD 30m Deal
New York, NY, September 26, 2014 --( Merchantry's Product Information Management solution allows multi-channel retailers and brands to drive revenues by leveraging its cloud-based technology.
This is why Armenian merchantry historically had one of the leadership positions in the
This book is an analytical synthesis of well-known secondary and primary sources (overwhelmingly in the English language) concerning political relations between the Russian merchantry and the state in the last decades of tsarism.
Furthermore, the aura of aristocratic Belmont and Portia's complete victory over Antonio in the final two acts deal a serious blow not only to Antonio's image, but to the notion of merchantry as a noble and knightly venture.
Baron, "Ivan the Terrible, Giles Fletcher and the Muscovite Merchantry," Slavonic and Eastern European Review 56 (1978): 568-69.
This useful volume joins the recent studies by Thomas Owen (also on Moscow merchantry) and Alfred Rieber to give at least part of the much-neglected Russian merchant class the same attention and analysis.
New York, NY, May 13, 2014 --( Today, Merchantry announces the public release of its Magento Extension, an eCommerce solution that connects Merchantry to Magento Enterprise.