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Canidia's character throughout Epode 17 displays dominance and mercilessness so I think it is safe to say that her questioning the efficacy of her powers at the end of Epode 17 does not necessarily invalidate her skill as a sorceress.
Will the blatant exposure of Israeli violence and mercilessness, in pictures and videos, turn the tide?
The word I used to describe what he did to his Hennessy field was 'brutalised', and that quality of mercilessness was here in spades once more as he flicked round Cheltenham in full sail.
We must also make it clear, as many know, that, "no one who underwent forced sterilization in America has received assistance for it," (19) which shows you the mercilessness and indignity of humankind, and our capacity for unadulterated evil.
No amount of supplication, therefore, can overcome the mercilessness of the applicable legal doctrines; so long as there is a hint of criminality by even a single lowly employee, the corporation's counsel has no leverage and no bargaining power.
the disposition of the soldiers: armed to the teeth they should display haughtiness and act as if clothed in mercilessness, (45) the clothing image employed again emphasising the cruelty on the part of Herod;
When the series opened, Swearengen ruled Deadwood -- to the extent that it could be ruled -- with a mercilessness leavened only by his profane philosophizing.
This triple remove acts both to evoke the narrative suspension and oscillation typical of all three of these novellas and to make us aware (through the catalogue-author's slightly prurient academic gaze) of our own voyeurism, and the mercilessness and clumsiness of the public gaze upon the private lives of artists.
In this approach, obedience is the response - and mercilessness is often the result.
Despite Mussolini's colonial policies of racial superiority and mercilessness, the fascist regime claimed to be different from the other colonial powers.
RALPH PETERS, FIGHTING FOR THE FUTURE: WILL AMERICA TRIUMPH (1999) (providing a similar argument that America and its soldiers are unprepared for the mercilessness required in modern warfare).
In her despair Lenore, to the horror of her mother fluttering helplessly at her side, laments the loss of Wilhelm and the mercilessness of God ("Bei Gott ist kein Erbarmen.