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Every time you break them apart they mercurially flow back into a new creature that looks amazingly like the last menacing one.
Shadow-me, not with malice but mercurially shot with foreknowledge of dread and sweat.
However, notwithstanding all the toing-and-froing, twists-and-turns that make up much of the story, admirably ambidextrous and nimble at getting out of scrapes, tight comers, quirky predicaments and unwanted liaisons, mercurially swift of foot as Twain's protagonist naturally is, he is not, even with his high boredom and ennui susceptibility, a hothead or tearaway, does not act by fits and starts, is not driven hither-and-thither, higgledy-piggledy, hurry-scurry, by every passing whim.
The mother-daughter bond alternates mercurially between tenderness and hostility, breaking only when Nastia, who eventually marries Slava, joins him in Israel to start a new life.
This time he mercurially advised his nubile correspondents to divorce radical husbands.