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3) Dramatic, including not merely the drama but all poetry of vigorous action.
Highly important in poetry is Rhythm, but the word means merely 'flow,' so that rhythm belongs to prose as well as to poetry.
Footnote: All these matters, here merely suggested, are fully discussed in the present author's 'Principles of Composition and Literature.
In fact, when we say that they are "latent," we mean merely that they will exist under certain circumstances.
It is merely what may be called a "disposition," i.
Otherwise we shall be compelled to believe that all our knowledge, all our store of images and memories, all our mental habits, are at all times existing in some latent mental form, and are not merely aroused by the stimuli which lead to their display.
This makes us unwilling to regard causal laws as MERELY observed uniformities of sequence; yet that is all that science has to offer.
There was naught for Paul of Merely to do but draw his own weapon, in self-defense, for the sharp point of the boy's sword was flashing in and out against his unprotected body, inflicting painful little jabs, and the boy's tongue was murmuring low-toned taunts and insults as it invited him to draw and defend himself or be stuck "like the English pig you are.
Paul of Merely was a brave man and he liked not the idea of drawing against this stripling, but he argued that he could quickly disarm him without harming the lad, and he certainly did not care to be further humiliated before his comrades.
Never in all his long years of fighting had he faced such an agile and dexterous enemy, and as they backed this way and that about the room great beads of sweat stood upon the brow of Paul of Merely, for he realized that he was fighting for his life against a superior swordsman.
Around and around the room they circled, the boy always advancing, Paul of Merely always retreating.
We have adopted Christianity merely as an improved method of agri-culture.