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MERE. This is the French word for mother. It is frequently used as, in ventre sa mere, which signifies; a child unborn, or in the womb.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rovers fansg et opportunity to viewf rom afar Live football Sky Sports 1, 7.45pm IT'S easy to have the merest pang of sympathy for Blackburn Rovers fans, writes Steve Davies.
To argue whether this or that action would have happened under the alternative's administration is merest sophistry and navel gazing.
Nigel Hitchcock Quartet @ St James' Club, Swansea (Wednesday)[bar] WHETHER you like jazz or not - and there are some people who run screaming from the room at its merest mention - you have to take your metaphorical hat off to Nigel Hitchcock.
The 5-0 Boxing Day win made it 13 wins from 13 League games with an aggregate score of 41-4, with the last 20 United goals not being interrupted by even the merest of consolations.
Natural vibrato warbling folk pop that's got the merest hint of indie around its edges.
As he moves toward the point where he eventually finds himself "ready, with the merest encouragement, to destroy his life," he raises questions of the nature of art, aging and the world's collective worship of nascence, and beauty.
The authors characterize this assumption as a "fatal flaw" because any retroactive effect would be "highly unusual" and because taxpayers would avoid it by liquidating their Roth accounts at the "merest hint" that Congress is considering reneging on them.
The merest hint that the Anfield club are ready to sell their Spanish superstar wi l l s p a r k a pounds 50million chase for his services.
Well, there's an argument to be had, as Prof Smith would put it, but language buffs and pedants will surely bristle at the merest suggestion of change.
AT the merest hint of discrimination in any form, we have people voicing their objections and working towards it being removed - and quite rightly so.
'In Uganda, the merest gesture was lifesaving: rehydrating a child or giving them a course of antibiotics.
Oh, when the bird flew off he was the merest scarecrow, a stumble of