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For an Elizabethan audience, she argues, Soliman and Perseda would have been an object lesson on the theatrical meretriciousness of Catholic ritual: "By mystifying and privileging spectacle, literalizing mimetic action, and displaying `real' bodies and blood, the play-within-the-play manifests the very qualities of the Roman Mass that the Calvinist reformers condemn when they complain that `of the sacrament' the papists `make an idol; of commemoration make adoration; instead of receiving, make a deceiving; in place of showing forth Christ's death, make new oblations of his death' (Foxe 5:303).
In Britain, after more than fifteen years of single-track policy-making, a whole new generation who cannot remember alternatives to "marketplace" meretriciousness is coming to fruition, and that, surely, has an effect on how younger people view what Art (and people) are.
Misconceptions among economists about these matters are made more pardonable(13) by the meretriciousness of the economist's notion of "equilibrium.