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Misconceptions among economists about these matters are made more pardonable(13) by the meretriciousness of the economist's notion of "equilibrium.
Sexuality in O'Connor's work serves also to expose the rotting foundations, those both of individual lives and of modern society, revealing the meretriciousness and fraudulence which lie at the core of our culture.
In the editorial debates here, Andy was goodnaturedly tenacious in his advocacy of positions--ones not always popular with some of you, our readers: the support of serious, and seriously different, challenges to business-as-usual, such as the Jackson campaign in 1988; the refusal to subscribe to liberal ideology-as-usual amid the breast-beatings about the limits of leftism after 1989; the unsparing analysis of the meretriciousness of Bill Clinton's new "politics of hope.
She wants to help the Harrels, to give Albany what he wants, to gratify the Delviles and the Belfields and Monckton, unaware of the meretriciousness of others' wishes because governed by her experienced - and presumably inculcated - need to respond richly in emotional and in practical terms.
The bare-faced meretriciousness of all this is typical of the way in which the theatre itself became an article de Paris, turning what became the Ville lumitre into a tawdry tinsel-town whose superabundant dramatic production, in an age that gave us Symbolism and Impressionism, has left, in fact, little to enrich the permanent theatrical repertory apart from its contribution to some operas written by foreigners.
Takashi Murakami's installation of a swollen-headed balloon god and his loopy flower minions remains stuck in manga meretriciousness, still lacking the baroque uplift that is claimed for the artist.
Using the kookiness and meretriciousness of New York City as its obtrusive background, Zuckerman Unbound (1981), the second novel of the trilogy, concerns Zuckerman's disappointing experience of celebrity after the publication of Carnovsky.