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Scaly-sided Merganser, Daily travel distance, Mergus squamatus, Daily home range, Group characteristics.
Other commonly observed species include brant, mute and tundra swans, American black duck, mallard and red-breasted merganser.
Not glamor species, red-breasted and hooded mergansers are catnip on otherwise duck-less days.
merganser as the most harmful mite of papaya in the State of Yucatan.
The scaly-sided merganser, Mergus squamatus, also called the Chinese merganser, is an endemic species restricted to Asia (Wang and Xie,
A merganser can eat 200 to 250 fish per day,'' Mazierski said.
In addition, Merganser Capital Management also announced that John C Clavin has re-joined the firm as executive vice president responsible for Business Development.
We analyse the relationship between breeding success measured as either chick numbers or individual numbers in July (post-breeding population size including both adults and chicks) and breeding population trends for the mallard, common eider, goldeneye and common merganser in Aasla, an island in the Archipelago Sea, southwestern Finland.
The trophy has changed hands three times in five years; there are no "gimme" putts (one championship was decided by a missed two-footer on New Year's Eve); weather has never washed out a competition and a hole-in-one, of which there has been one, counts as two mergansers.
The company acquired the interests in the fields - Magnolia, Merganser, Nansen and Zia - from Devon Energy in 2010 as part of its acquisition of assets in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and Azerbaijan.
An 8-year-old male hooded merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) was presented with bilateral axillary ulcerative lesions that improved but did not resolve with empiric antibiotic and antifungal therapy.
Muscovy duck Cairina moschata Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Greater scaup Aythya marila Tufted duck Aythya fuligula Common merganser Mergus merganser Smew Mergus albellus Falconiformes Common buzzard Buteo buteo Rough-legged hawk Buteo lagopus Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus Galliformes Common peafowl Pavo cristatus Domestic chicken Gallus gallus Charadriiformes (herring gull) Larus argentatus Strigiformes (eagle owl) Bubo bubo Passeriformes (Eurasian magpie) Pica pica All birds No.