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It indicates that the merging durations of drivers that merge late (cluster 3 and cluster 4) are significantly shorter than those of drivers merge early (cluster 1 and cluster 2).
"Our Merge Cube and Goggles allow users to interact with more than just a screen 6 now they can build worlds, explore the human brain, visit foreign lands and more through the power of VR/AR," Lyons said in a statement. 
Most of the other cooperatives that received the OK to merge had less than $50 million in assets, with three exceptions that included the $76.1 million Keystone Federal Credit Union in West Chester, Pa., into the $1.8 billion Trumark Financial Credit Union in Fort Washington, Pa.; the $79.2 million Northwest Georgia Credit Union in Rome, Ga., into the $204 million Coosa Valley Credit Union in Rome, Ga., and the $53 million Freedom Credit Union in Rocky Mount, N.C.
"TRS had said that in November they had told the Congress that if it solves the Telangana issue then they will merge with the Congress.
'We are pleased to have been selected as a CTMS partner for Tigermed's global clinical trial needs,' said Justin Dearborn, President of Merge Healthcare.
HGP Securities LLC and Troutman Sanders LLP advised OIS, while McDermott Will & Emery LLP acted as counsel to Merge Healthcare.
Merge Healthcare showcased its industry-leading 64-bit capabilities in Fusion PACS GL, which enables the easy and simultaneous loading of thousands of images, allowing radiologists to quickly read very large studies with multiple relevant prior studies, regardless of size.
"I call our portal the ribbon around the gift," says Chavez, when describing its deployment in late 2005 following previous installation of Merge RIS and PACs systems.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 October 2005-Turvatiimi Corporation merges subsidiaries(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Now we have to tell Microsoft Word where to find the data for Mail Merge. In this case the data are in your Outlook contact list, but you also can use contact information in Microsoft Access and Excel, comma-separated value text files, ODBC-compliant data sources such as ACT or most SQL server-based products.
9 Nature, the teams present evidence that a microwave photon can merge with one of these artificial atoms and form a hybrid of light and matter.
Option 2: Duchess to become secondary on new site; middle schools to close; Whittingham becomes a primary with satellite at Branton; Felton and Swarland merge at Felton; Seahouses becomes a primary school on the middle school site; all other first schools become primaries.