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EBITDA is defined by Merge as earnings before net interest expense, taxes, depreciation and amortization (which include the amortization of stock-based compensation).
Merge Healthcare Incorporated builds software solutions that automate healthcare data and diagnostic workflow, both to build a better electronic record of the patient experience, and also to enhance product development for health IT, device and pharmaceutical companies.
Merge eMed offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios for the integration of business and clinical workflow," said Dave Mahoney, Vice- President of Sales - Merge eMed.
Merge also believes it is important to clarify the status of the AMICAS stockholder litigation.
OrthoWorks represents an evolution to our orthopaedic offering," said David Noshay, President of Merge eMed.
Merge Healthcare is glad to see that the SEC considered the facts and circumstances, as well as Merge's cooperation, in reaching this resolution," says Justin Dearborn, Merge CEO.
Robbins Arroyo LLP's investigation focuses on whether the board of directors at Merge is undertaking a fair process to obtain maximum value and adequately compensate its shareholders.
and Parker Pen Holdings attempted to merge, regulators said the deal would restrict competition in the premium fountain pen market, since it would be possible for the merged company to raise prices with no alternative source available to consumers.
To ensure that surrender, the acquirer sets up a new company and merges it into the target (owned by the selling shareholders), with the target surviving.
We selected Merge because they were the only vendor able to provide an enterprise-wide solution versus a piecemeal approach," said Melissa Ray, Practice Administrator at Radiology Consultants of Lynchburg.
This will enable Merge One customers to eliminate the need to purchase expensive hardware and reduce reliance on hired or contracted IT staff for ongoing support.
With more than 50 sites, SimonMed is one of the fastest-growing imaging practices in the country, said Jeff Surges, CEO of Merge Healthcare.