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CareGuide and Patient Infosystems have merged to create a uniquely positioned, single-source provider of a full range of information-based disease and care management services, serving a broad cross-section of the healthcare market.
1, the company merged into its subsidiary, Rural Community Insurance Co.
Chicago, was merged into Bankers Life & Casualty Co.
It is the intention of the Board of CLM to continue the managed distribution policy, so that all stockholders of the merged Fund would continue to receive regular monthly distributions.
The city has established a total of six redevelopment districts, five of which were merged for financial purposes in 2000.
Given the enhanced earnings profile and capital base of the merged company, Fitch would view this as less of an issue going forward should the merger be executed as planned.
Chase Manhattan Bank of Canada (was merged into JPMorgan Chase Bank)
The merged company will have all the necessary infrastructure and protocols for worldwide distribution of these services.