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He said Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to assure basic facilities including health and education to the people of merged tribal districts.
He asserted that by strengthening the economy and improving the law and order situation, the merged districts would become prosperous.
59 million for provision of sports facilities and grounds at merged districts / sub-divisions.
Consumer Protection Court Bannu jurisdiction has been extended to newly merged deistict North Waziristan and Consumer Protection Court, Tank's jurisdiction has been extended to newly merged district South Waziristan.
He said he was hopeful that after merger, both forces would benefit from each other's rich experiences and ensure maintenance of law and order in merged districts.
The projects included health, education, communication, electricity, agriculture and infrastructure development schemes.The prime minister was informed that promotion of economic development, provision of communication facilities, development of urban centres, investment in human development, better governance and development of the institutions were the important pillars of the ten years development plan in the merged areas.
He informed the WFP delegation about the short and long term strategy evolved by the government in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for the uplift of the people of merged districts so that their sense of deprivation could be removed and their grievances resolved.
He said the government should hold LG and provincial assembly elections in the newly merged districts.
The credit unions that were approved to merge because of poor financial condition included the $1.3 million Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority Federal Credit Union in Canton, Ohio into the $60 million Eaton Family Credit Union in Euclid, Ohio; the $43 million Alamo Federal Credit Union in San Antonio into the $20.1 billion Pentagon Federal Credit Union in Alexandria, Va.; the $11.2 million WAT Federal Credit Union in Williamsport, Pa., into the $345 million South Jersey Credit Union in Deptford, N.J.; the $1.4 million Reid Temple Federal Credit Union in Glenn Dale, Md., into the $26.9 million WSSC Federal Credit Union in Laurel, Md., and the $7.1 million RCT Credit Union in Augusta, Ga., which merged into the $311 million Peach State Federal Credit Union in Lawrenceville, Ga.
The merging of assets, businesses and portfolios from the merged to the merging company is an automatic process under the general provisions of merger in the Companies Law.
Silver & Gold will own approximately 41% of the merged company.
Veraz is currently traded on NASDAQ and it is expected that the merged company will continue to be traded on NASDAQ.