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TIG Insurance Company of New York, New York, merged into its parent, TIG Insurance Co.
No matter what type of plan a firm uses, participants in any plan that is merged are entitled to have their plan's valuable benefits, rights, and features maintained post-merger.
Erik Muller, COO and executive vice president of the merged company--and founder and president of NewslettersOnline--adds, "By working together recently, we quickly realized that as one company we have the most powerful e-commerce solution and management team in the online publishing space.
Most hospitals realize that if they start making the nursing home into a small hospital, it will eventually bring with it hospital-style costs - and getting away from those costs was the reason they merged with the nursing home in the first place.
Commissioner held that the surviving corporation in a merger could apply unused excess profits tax credits of the merged corporation against its post-merger income.
Bond proceeds will be used to purchase loans from two Riverside Redevelopment Agency (the agency) project areas, Casa Blanca and Downtown/Airport Merged.
Amarillo, Texas, merged into Washington National Insurance Co.
and Parker Pen Holdings attempted to merge, regulators said the deal would restrict competition in the premium fountain pen market, since it would be possible for the merged company to raise prices with no alternative source available to consumers.
59-399 addressed the situation in which two or more corporations merged under state law, with fusion of assets and liabilities, so that the resulting corporation became in effect the same taxable entity as its absorbed constituents.
Aetna Health of Washington, Seattle, was merged into Aetna Health Inc.
If X is merged into Y, continuity-of-business enterprise will not be a problem; that requirement applies only to the acquired corporation (X), and not to the acquiring corporation (Y) (see Rev.
Jackson, president and chairman of the Board of NISCO, to enter into an employment agreement with the merged company and remain on the board of directors.