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Now we have to tell Microsoft Word where to find the data for Mail Merge.
Due to the increased use of disregarded entities (especially SMLLCs) in mergers and the fact that some states allow such entities to merge with corporations, the IRS has started to address when and whether such arrangements are Sec.
As hospitals merge to cut costs and remain competitive, religious facilities face the added challenge of maintaining their identities.
If a corporation conducting a retailing operation with 20 stores merges into another corporation and 5 of the stores are closed after the merger, as would not be at all uncommon, can one say that the "business" has survived?
Xpedio Merge Allows Organizations to Personalize and Assemble Complex
You have two options: Use the Mail Merge toolbar (exhibit 1, below)--a shortcut method that you'll probably prefer once you get the hang of it--or the wizard, which takes you through the process step-by-step.
Non-tax corporate attorneys, generally unaware of the importance of the direction of the merger, may in fact recommend that the target merge into a new company, for a number of (real or perceived) reasons (e.
SMARTGLAS merges together incoming information in a variety of video formats and screen resolutions onto a single desktop.
Although companies that merge with or buy another business hope to make more money as a couple than each would have alone, useful M&A business valuations depend on more than just finding your client a price.