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NetSol said in a prepared statement, "While it generally is not our practice to comment on pending legal matters or attorney advertising, we believe this lawsuit is meritless.
He said he opposed it because it would have created a new cause of action - a basis to sue - by holding lawyers liable if a court ruled they had brought a meritless suit on behalf of their clients.
If a meritless case is settled for an inflated value, the analysts who handle these claims may feel that the company has abandoned them.
That argument is hollow and meritless (though women who accept it are under no obligation to have abortions) but is used to mask the anti-choicers' real motivation: the maintenance of male dominance over women, which for all too long has been a feature of American and many other cultures.
An eBay spokesperson said: "We have not yet seen a copy of the complaint, but based on what we know about this issue, we believe the suit is meritless, and we will defend ourselves vigorously.
Summary judgment motions are designed to weed out meritless lawsuits.
Dan Martin, president and publisher of the Courier-Post, said: "We have reviewed the complaint and believe their claim is meritless.
2) Americans are simply too litigious, the critics say, and all too fond of filing meritless suits.
As have most CPAs, I had read and heard many war stories about meritless court cases against practitioners.
Needless to say, settlements are common even in meritless cases.
Patterson said, "The company believes that the allegations as described are meritless and intends to defend itself vigorously.