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They are chosen usually based on literature concerning IC (Brooking, 1997; Sveiby, 1997), on guidelines and recommendations by several institutions (DATI, 2000; Meritum Project, 2002; on the Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation [DMSTI], 2003) and on empirical studies referring to IC disclosure (Abeysekera & Guthrie, 2005; Bozzolan et al.
There are banks that could only finance withdrawals of less than 10% of deposits in some years, such as Expobanka, Raiffeisenbank and UniCredit Bank in Czechia; CSOB, OTP banka, Postova banka, Privatbanka, Slovenska sporitelna, Tatra banka and VUB in Slovakia; CIB Bank, Budapest bank, MagNet Hungarian Civic Bank, Porsche bank and Sopron Bank Burgenland in Hungary and Alior Bank, Bank BGZ, BOS Bank, Credit Agricole Bank, DNB Bank, FM Bank, Getin Noble, Ideal Bank, ING Bank, Meritum Bank, Plus Bank, Bank Pocztowy, Santander Consumer Bank and Toyota bank in Poland.
According to MERITUM project Measuring Intangibles To Understand And Improve Innovation Management [23], the classification of intangible assets is: human capital, organizational/structural capital, relational capital.
Reliquum est, quoniam cadaver nullis--ut meritum erat--imaginibus, nullis exequiis, nulla pompa, nulla laudatione in sepulchro constitutum est, ut consules et tribuni plebis creerentur.
US-based propane, fuel distribution and NGL-related asset operator Meritum Energy Holdings, LP has completed the acquisition of Texas, US-based propane and fuel distribution business Pico Petroleum, the company said on Monday.
Interestingly, in the last lines of the poem, when Caesar faces peril in Alexandria, Scaeva reappears, emerging as an example for Caesar himself to follow: 'dubiusque timeret / optaretne mori respexit in agmine denso / Scaeuam perpetuae meritum iam nomina famae' [as he doubted whether to fear death or pray for it, he saw Scaeva in the serried ranks, that Scaeva who had already won immortal glory] (10.
Proyecto Meritum Proporciona un marco de referencia con (2001) validez general para la identificacion, medicion y control de los intangibles en el seno de la empresa, determinantes de su capacidad de creacion de valor.
There are a number of them--from Meritum Paint Pro and Adobe Ideas to FiftyThree's Paper--all of which allow the movement of your fingertip across your mobile device's touch screen to mimic the brushing of oil paint on canvas: swiping as painting.
Mais um equivoco, a nosso sentir, decorre dessa posicao: alem de se inadmitir recurso cuja irregularidade poderia ser facilmente sanavel (o que privilegiaria o meritum causae), considera-se inexistente ato que, reconhecidamente, gera consequencias para o mundo dos autos, o que e, venia concessa, manifesta contradicao em termos.
In BRE Group (mbank and multibank is a 10% the entire acquisition (which is about 140 thousand accounts per year), in Alior Sync--80 % (at 135 thousand), while in the Meritum Bank in this way are sold 9 out of 10 accounts (bank24.
El Proyecto Meritum (2002) ofrece tres fases para gestionar los intangibles: