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Ce qui nous interesse dans cet article dans lequel nous suivrons l'approche adoptee par les directives Meritum pour la gestion et la declaration des actifs incorporels et utiliserons de maniere interchangeable les actifs incorporels et le capital intellectuel, car Il n'existe pas de definition communement admise des actifs incorporels -- le mot est souvent utilise comme nom pour designer globalement la meme chose que capital intellectuel, l'essentiel est de mettre en relief les capitaux immateriels ou les tresors intangibles dont notre pays regorge et les multiples secrets qui s'y cachent ou se volatilisent tacitement dans l'air en raison de l'insouciance, le manque d'une vision ambitieuse et des objectifs realistes et atteignables dans ce domaine .
En el orgullo historico del merideno tiene cabida el significado etimologico del termino Merida, derivado del latin meritum o merito por lo cual los gentilicios merideno y emeritense significan persona de meritos o meritoria.
Un caso de aplicacion de las directrices MERITUM. Estudios y Perspectivas en Turismo, 21(1), 249-269.
5: <<Miramur tantum apud uos per occasionem temporis impacati aut ambientium presumptionem aut tumultum ualuisse popularem, ut indignis quibusque et longe extra sacerdotale meritum constitutis pastorale fastigium et gubernatio ecclesiae crederetur.
There may be no commonly agreed definition of intangibles, hence, the phrase is frequently used as a noun to intend widely similar to IC (Meritum, 2002).
Characteristics of intangibles--Proposals generated from literature and experienced Swedish firms, Proyecto Meritum.
Many efforts have been made by academics and researchers, agencies, institutions and organizations that have tried to establish management models for the purpose of identifying, measuring and managing IC (European Commission, 2006; Sveiby, 1997) as well as the development of guidelines and guides to disseminate information about IC, such as the Danish (Danish Agency for Trade and Industry [DATI], 2000), Nordic (Nordic Industrial Fund [NORDIKA], 2001), German (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour [FMEL], 2004), Japanese (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry [METI], 2005), European (Meritum Project, 2002) guides and the 3R model (Ordonez de Pablos, 2004), among others.
There are banks that could only finance withdrawals of less than 10% of deposits in some years, such as Expobanka, Raiffeisenbank and UniCredit Bank in Czechia; CSOB, OTP banka, Postova banka, Privatbanka, Slovenska sporitelna, Tatra banka and VUB in Slovakia; CIB Bank, Budapest bank, MagNet Hungarian Civic Bank, Porsche bank and Sopron Bank Burgenland in Hungary and Alior Bank, Bank BGZ, BOS Bank, Credit Agricole Bank, DNB Bank, FM Bank, Getin Noble, Ideal Bank, ING Bank, Meritum Bank, Plus Bank, Bank Pocztowy, Santander Consumer Bank and Toyota bank in Poland.
This became possible on February 20, 2015, when Alior Bank acquired 97.9 percent of the shares of Meritum Bank ICB, also a universal bank with the offer addressed to retail customers.
Ya en su Liber carminum ad magnificum Petrum Medicem Florentinum optimatem de re publica Florentina bene meritum constan dos odas horacianas de contenido espiritual (28).