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Lennon, 201-507-9500 or Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, Inc.
Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, which filed for Chapter 11 in January, 1994, is a specialty apparel chain selling contemporary fashions for young men and women.
But ``rock rats'' - old-timers from the area of West Haven called Savin Rock - hold fond memories of the merry-go-round rides aboard the horses and hoped to see at least one at the Sept.
March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, Inc.
The merry-go-round was always the most popular attraction and the first place people stopped at to ride and listen to the organ music,'' said Hartmann, who worked on each of the horses for years restoring and maintaining them as the head maintenance man for the park from 1933 to its close in 1968.
JOPPA, MARYLAND, February 3, 1994 /PRNewswire/ -- Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, Inc.
Among those enjoying the celebrations was Arjun Bhutta who joined in with the festivities with a ride on a merry-go-round.
When I mention Merry-Go-Round as one of my favourite Canadian films from the 1960s and salaciously describe its remarkable scene of teenaged boys attending a strip club and salivating over a statuesque dancer taking it all off followed by a graphic scene of one of the boys masturbating to a Playboy centrefold, I am stared at in disbelief especially when I reveal the work's NFB provenance.
Of course, we've all been on this merry-go-round on one horse or another.
Many of the following don't have official names (like the now passe appellation "Folk Mass") but most of us have experienced them: the Rock 'n Roll Mass, Rumba Mass, Inclusive Language Mass (excluding all masculine nouns and pronouns), Lovelorn Cowboy Mass, or the Merry-go-round Mass (a.