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Police are looking for the bomb throwers from the crowd that gathered to watch the fireworks display at the end of the merrymaking at La Paz town in Abra province early Thursday, investigators said on Friday.
Barangay chairman Leo Aquino said residents were in the middle of merrymaking when the fire broke out.
Carpio has also postponed merrymaking in the city in connection with the P19-million month-long Pasko Fiesta.
Yes, it is that time for thanksgiving, merrymaking, and last-minute dashes to buy gifts that had slipped your mind.
The secluded people completely insulate themselves from the other people during the week and they eat the meat of slaughtered goats, drink and pass the time in merrymaking.
Most probably, there are families and group of friends who are already done with their Christmas reunions -- a whole day of chatting, eating, exchanging gifts, merrymaking.
To make triangle-squares in sets of 4 for the corners of a block like the ones in Merrymaking, stitch each pair of patches together on opposite diagonals, making sure you are orienting the directional fabric the same way (Photo D).
Amidst the raucous of sun, surf, and merrymaking, the Morris team will be answering questions about Jeep parts and projects, and connecting with other Jeep lovers from all over.
Close to the fanzone, this will sort you out for the afternoon's merrymaking.
It'll be a party atmosphere with throws to the crowd, a second line march - which means audience participation - and a whole evening of unrestrained merrymaking.
The PAT chief said it is the Army and the soldiers who were offering their lives for the people of the country while the rulers were merrymaking and enjoying all the facilities of life due to being in power.
Dozens of students celebrating their graduation were in the midst of merrymaking when the disco caught fire, trapping people inside the burning inferno as all the exits were sealed shut.