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scaring of the brain) consistent with bilateral mesial temporal sclerosis (Pinto et al.
In medically refractory epilepsy patients, careful analysis for signs of mesial temporal sclerosis is undertaken, as it is the most common pathology found in these patients.
Trends from a distal to central position on the gill arch include increasing curvature of the filament base, increasing basal length, increasing length of the medial process, development of a concave mesial edge of the medial process in the most central gill takers, and an increase in gill raker length, with the longest gill rakers either in the central-most position on the gill arch (Hovestadt and Hovestadt-Euler, 2011) or just distal to the central position (Welton, 2013, fig.
Genitalia: Genital capsule broad; posteroventral border with lateral stout lobes, strongly produced, and mesial lobe broadly conical, with apex rounded (Fig.
2) branickii shows short lines of bare black skin on the submoustachial and malar area and a fully feathered chin and throat; melanopis possesses a black semi-circular mesial chin wattle (major difference: 3);
The healthy gingival samples were collected by surgical excision of a part of the papilla either distal or mesial to the tooth to be removed.
1,2) Patient 18 years old, diagnosed with dental hypersensitivity, 16 mesial cavity accompanied by acute pain, closed pulp chamber.
Mesial temporal damage in temporal lobe epilepsy; a volumetric MRI study of the hippocampus, amygdala and parahippocampal region.
The authors found that activation of the subcortical nucleus accumbens in the forebrain is related to magnitude of payoff but not probability of gain, while activation of the mesial prefrontal cortex is correlated with magnitude and probability of gain.
Antennular peduncles stout, somewhat depressed dorsoventrally, contiguous, thus mesial faces flat; first segment unarmed on distolateral and distomesial margins; dorsal surface with low elevation proximolaterally, but without conspicuous proximolateral tubercle; stylocerite broad, closely appressed to peduncle, reaching distolateral angle of second segment, lateral margin notably convex; second segment nearly as long as broad to slightly longer than broad, with moderately large distomesial tooth.
The ability of this synchronous GABA-mediated potential to propagate in the absence of excitatory synaptic transmission may be relevant in areas with neuronal loss and consequent disruption of normal excitatory synaptic connections such as the mesial limbic structures of temporal lobe epilepsy patients (14).
This region is also linked to mesial temporal structures that are sensitive to emotional signals (nonverbal facial expression).