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Navidi said: "Wrestling is massive in Iran and some of it must have rubbed off from all the times we'd mess around.
He said: "When you get to the point with your shows that you mess around with the schedules and it affects the viewers when you go head to head, that to me is silly rivalry.
They are happy to mess around 38,000 people who went to the game live by bringing the game forward by 30 minutes.
It seems like high jinks and people often mess around when they have had a drink.
You're fired: They don't mess around in the SEC, as Tennessee offensive coordinator Randy Sanders stepped down in midseason because the Volunteers rank 99th in total offense and scored 32 points in three games.
It's hard for me to believe it would be OK to mess around with your testosterone level like this.
TODAY'S TIP: Put your loose change into a plastic bank cash bag to go through security at the airport, so you don't have to mess around with picking up coins from the tray.