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Once we have security screening problems fixed, maybe we could turn our attention to the numerous broken planes, closed airspace, lousy service, cattle-drive mentality, en masse boarding, cramped seating, air traffic control mess-ups, crying kids, and passengers who recline their seats as far back as possible, crushing your laptop.
You're entitled to a couple of mess-ups along the way.
His focus though is on the human details--the cranky candidate, the mess-ups with volunteers, the awkward meet-and-greets, the sheer exhausting grind.
We can't afford any more mess-ups,'' said Matchroom's John Wischhusen.
I had a couple of mess-ups including three putting three times, once from 80 foot when I had driven the par four 10th.
Balancing Out the planners and worriers is a larger group of confident Americans who expect that whatever mess-ups happen will be fixable in short order.
They were able to take advantage of all the mess-ups that the Texans had.
Staff thought it was a realistic exercise but it became apparent pretty quickly that it was the mother of all mess-ups.