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Yes - they all had their message, and they all get their reward.
And it came to pass that people began to pick them up, and holding them against the sun, to read what was written on them, and this was because the simple little words on the leaves were only, after all, a part of one of the King's messages, such as the Fairy Godmother dropped continually from her golden chariot.
Miss Garth was not able to go down to him herself: she sent a message.
When the Black One who is gone yet lived, you sent him a message by one Masilo--such a message as his ears had never heard, and that had been your death, O fool puffed up with pride, but death came first upon the Black One, and his hand was stayed.
Only five minutes ago it was a May-day madness of mine to think that he leaped out of the water and gave me a highly important message.
he cried, "I've just had a message from a cousin of mine in Africa.
Just send me a message and you'll see that I shall be back in next to no time.
And it was he who "broke the jam," as a lumberman would say, by suggesting the MESSAGE RATE system.
On her left hand she bore a hawk, a proof to Don Quixote's mind that she must be some great lady and the mistress of the whole hunting party, which was the fact; so he said to Sancho, "Run Sancho, my son, and say to that lady on the palfrey with the hawk that I, the Knight of the Lions, kiss the hands of her exalted beauty, and if her excellence will grant me leave I will go and kiss them in person and place myself at her service for aught that may be in my power and her highness may command; and mind, Sancho, how thou speakest, and take care not to thrust in any of thy proverbs into thy message.
These are the documents in the extraordinary case of the Gloria Scott, and this is the message which struck Justice of the Peace Trevor dead with horror when he read it.
Then I made another discovery--there was a second message knotted in the rope at about the height of my head.
D'Arnot was astonished to see, in plain print-like characters, a message in English: