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A prototype of an instrument to be employed in a legal transaction or a judicial proceeding that includes the primary essential matters, the appropriate technical phrases or terms, and any additional material required to render it officially accurate, arranged in suitable and systematic order, and conducive to Adaptation to the circumstances of the particular case.

The expression form of the statute signifies the language or structure of a statute, and, therefore, the restriction or command that it might include, as used in the phrase in criminal Pleading "against the form of statute in that case made and provided."A matter of form, as distinguished from a matter of substance—with respect to pleadings, affidavits, indictments, and other legal instruments—entails the method, style, or form of relating the applicable facts; the selection or arrangement of terms; and other such matters without influencing the essential sufficiency or validity of the instrument, or without reaching the merits.

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So long as South African law follows an exclusionary approach it would seem that graphics, audio and video that are in data message form should be treated in the same way as documents.
So, studies of debate effects around the world conclude that this message form can affect voters.
Debates also attract a larger audience (more potential influence) than other message forms:
The message formed a key strand of her conference speech and marks a major shift in Conservative policy after eight years of spending cuts.
The prosecution suggested the Facebook message formed the background to the attack but Tighe told gardai he had already known about the relationship, having seen the couple holding hands.
This message formed the core of ADI's response to a "zero" draft version of the global plan in 2016, recognizing it as a significant step forward in providing support for the majority of people living with dementia who receive little or no support, most of whom live in low- and middle-income countries.
What I claim may suggest/imply that media are glib or superficial message forms, and perhaps so; yet I hold that like McLuhan each medium has an innate, immediate, specific, and powerful message.
The data which is read by MCU can be display on LCD, all of these data are identically displayed on mobile phone in message forms. The project was tested to control the pump station for draining the water rain in substation which consists of primary (4) pumps and one standby pump.
The collected essays, based upon two different symposia, attempt to be both emblematic of the wide terrain of public health and to be precision case studies of the role of the visual--broadly construed--in an array of message forms. Serlin's introduction makes clear that the visual culture of public health is a vast topic and one that, like many areas in the interdisciplinary studies of what might broadly be called the "medical humanities," has been neglected to our collective historical and theoretical detriment.
Preparing early gives a head start and this message forms the crux of this campaign.

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