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To manage archival policies across different users, roles and departments, ComplianceVault can be set to aggregate messages from top executives, the HR department, instant messaging, external email addresses or mobile devices into separate archives.
Comverse Integrated Messaging Client empowers a simple and intuitive user experience by providing a single interface for all messaging services and modes - be they pull, push or real-time sessions.
Instant messaging is a part of everyday life, with more and more people using their IM service as a starting point for all communications, from sending mobile messages to friends on cell phones to placing VoIP-based phone calls," said Chamath Palihapitiya, vice president and general manager, AIM and ICQ, America Online, Inc.
The study also found that in 2004, products in the management and security segment of the enterprise instant messaging market, demand for which had previously been driven mostly by compliance, appealed to a broader audience as the result of new relationships between vendors in this segment (FaceTime, IMLogic, Akonix etc.
Topics to be covered in Enterprise Messaging Market Trends, 2005-2008 will include the following:
Indeed, a 2006 Noel-Levitz report titled "Navigating Toward E-Recruitment" identifies text messaging as an untapped recruitment communications option.
Chief among them, that large organizations myopically equate messaging security with e-mail applications only, while neglecting the security of other messaging technologies, such as Web mail, IM and mobile devices.
Bellcore's own Unified Messaging Services Platform, for instance, has each call (or user interaction) "terminate" in as software Telecom Object.
Malicious attacks on messaging systems are becoming more sophisticated and widespread, while demand for outbound compliance solutions to protect against leakage of intellectual property and corporate governance violations is also on the rise.
We believe the new features and upgrade capabilities will further assist consumers, whether they are new to text messaging or avid users, and thus accelerate the growth of text messaging, particularly here in the U.