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The Intervoice Messaging Gateway is a flexible, open standards based solution, supporting a number of VoiceXML applications and network protocols that are fully integrated into the O2 network.
The McAfee Quarantine Manager feature is now available for free download to all existing McAfee Secure Internet Gateway and McAfee Secure Messaging Gateway customers.
We selected MX Telecom as our strategic messaging gateway provider to capture this audience.
Clickatell's messaging gateways connect directly and securely with the infrastructure of carriers worldwide.
The IronPort A-Series, a line of messaging gateway appliances optimized for delivery of outbound commercial email, is also available through the channel program.
NOTE: IronPort A60, IronPort A30, IronPort C60, Messaging Gateway, AsyncOS, IronPort, Virtual Gateway, SenderBase, and Bonded Sender Program are trademarks of IronPort Systems.
NOTE: IronPort C60, IronPort C30, Messaging Gateway, AsyncOS, IronPort, SenderBase, and Bonded Sender are trademarks of IronPort Systems.
The USDA will use McAfee(R) Secure Messaging Gateway appliances to provide comprehensive and proactive protection for its nationwide enterprise.
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is another encryption option that is a built into the McAfee Secure Messaging Gateway and McAfee Secure Internet Gateway appliances.
Comverse Messaging Gateway draws from our extensive experience in content, messaging and billing to make it easy for operators to react quickly to market opportunities and deploy a large and dynamic variety of popular services as well as capitalize on the growing trends of User Generated Content, Social Networking, Citizen Journalism and Voting.
McAfee Secure Messaging Gateway with the anti-spam module effectively blocked 97% of spam from the test suite to achieve the Checkmark PREMIUM certification standard -- a very high percentage considering that the test was conducted under real-world conditions with streams of live mail and spam going to the product," said Chris Thomas, operations director of West Coast Labs.