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It may seem like messing around, but Laughter Yoga has some serious health benefits
It happened in an art lesson when some boys were messing around.
Thats why Francos Messing Around on the Monkey Bars is such a great idea.
When Eisenman calls for architecture and architects to quit messing around with semiotics and get with some kind of social programme, it does make you wonder what he's been putting in his tea.
Like tugging on Superman's cape, spitting into the wind, pulling the mask off the Lone Ranger and messing around with Slim, you don't maintain a dam with wishful thinking and makeshift fixes.
But police today said the boys received their injuries after messing around with an air-rifle on private land.
Seems every great piece of kit these days costs about [yen]100,000, so if you have that kind of spare cash lying around, and you've been thinking about getting all your old VCR tapes transferred onto DVD but can't be bothered with buying a DVD recorder then messing around with cables, Sharp has just the thing for you.
Vice: Going to the beach, skating of messing around with my turntables
After all, he was told, who has that kind of leisure time to be messing around with boats and outboard motors?
I'd much rather be there than messing around in cities and airports.
He didn't need much money because he didn't believe in messing around with unnecessary stuff.