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MESSUAGE, property. This word is synonymous with dwelling-house; and a grant of a messuage with the appurtenances, will not only pass a house, but all the buildings attached or belonging to it, as also its curtilage, garden and orchard, together with the close on which the house is built. 1 Inst. 5, b.; 2 Saund. 400; Ham. N. P. 189; 4 Cruise, 321; 2 T. R. 502; 1 Tho. Co. Litt. 215, note 35; 4 Blackf. 331. But see the cases cited in 9 B. & Cress. 681; S. C. 17 Eng. Com. L. R. 472. This term, it is said, includes a church. 11 Co. 26; 2 Esp. N. P. 528; 1 Salk. 256; 8 B. & Cress. 25; S. C. 15 Eng. Com. L. Rep. 151. Et vide 3 Wils. 141; 2 Bl. Rep. 726; 4 M. & W. 567; 2 Bing. N. C. 617; 1 Saund. 6.

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The Tutteshams and William Layston claimed that Alice had built the new tenement using the timbers and tiles from the old ones, adding a claim that she had "suffered the grete messuage or tenement called the cross keis to run greatlye to ruiyn and decay, and divers other lesser tenements, for want of necessarye and sufficient reparacions, to the greate scandale and impechment of the inheritance belonging to this defendant William Layston.
20) In a conveyance dated July 2, 1612, following his conviction for murder and subsequent release from the bishop's custody, Edward Oxley, clothier, son and heir of George Oxley, clothier, sold to Thomas Busse of Pembury, clothier, the messuage or tenement on the west side of the Tonbridge high street between two of the bridges, Busse having first signed a bond dated July 1, 1612, to pay from the income of the property certain bequests to George Oxley's widow.
He explains that he owned "one messuage or tenemente wth thappurtenances theare vnto belonginge" together with two parcels of land containing six acres in Bures St.
In 1382/3 William Smyth 'of Stichford in Yerdeleye' granted to a 'John Dod, of Bromwich, and Philip Huggen, of Yerdeleye a messuage and a chamber at Stichford, between Brocholelone and the road leading from Yerdeleye to Sutton'.
A messuage in the Strand was also a Bell on the Hoop in 1403.
By way of comparison, Peter's killer, Edward Drew, inherited in 1598 the chief messuage, mansion house, barton, and demesne lands of Combe Rawlegh, Devon.
His widow said in a lawsuit of 1632 that the lease was for "certaine Roomes" in the Red Bull and the moiety "or full halfe parte of the yarde play house and attiring house parcell of the sayde Messuage or Tenement with the Appurtenances there then erected and builded by the saide Aron [Holland] or his assignes and allsoe the Moytie or full halfe parte of all the money profitt commodity gaine and aduauntage of all such Playes Prizes shewes or other thinges whatsoeuer to be made showed acted done or procured to be done within the saide Playhouse or yard or any parte thereof and the moitye or full halfe parte of all such Rents and yearely profitts to come grow arise or be made of and vppon the saide ground wherevppon the saide playhouse standeth.