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MESSUAGE, property. This word is synonymous with dwelling-house; and a grant of a messuage with the appurtenances, will not only pass a house, but all the buildings attached or belonging to it, as also its curtilage, garden and orchard, together with the close on which the house is built. 1 Inst. 5, b.; 2 Saund. 400; Ham. N. P. 189; 4 Cruise, 321; 2 T. R. 502; 1 Tho. Co. Litt. 215, note 35; 4 Blackf. 331. But see the cases cited in 9 B. & Cress. 681; S. C. 17 Eng. Com. L. R. 472. This term, it is said, includes a church. 11 Co. 26; 2 Esp. N. P. 528; 1 Salk. 256; 8 B. & Cress. 25; S. C. 15 Eng. Com. L. Rep. 151. Et vide 3 Wils. 141; 2 Bl. Rep. 726; 4 M. & W. 567; 2 Bing. N. C. 617; 1 Saund. 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If William died without issue, the properties were to go to another son, John, on condition that within one year he pay [pound sterling]200 to a third son, Thomas; if John did not do so, then Thomas could "enter into all that my messuage or Tenement Comonlie called the Crosse Keyes Scituate lyinge and beinge in Gracyous streete wth in the saide cittie of London." (70) All that was to be moot for our purposes, though, since William Layston survived through the rest of the sixteenth century.
(78) The Court Of Husting Roll at the CLRO records, however, a deed dated 22 January 10 Elizabeth, in which "William Tolley" appears--together with William Powell--as one of four men who ceded "a messuage called 'le George,' in par.
At the time of the 1592 survey, Edward Parker of Foulscales in Newton in Bowland held 7 copyhold messuages and 51 acres of land in Slaidburn township, and a copyhold tenement and 47 acres in Grindleton township.
In 1549, when the seizure and redistribution of church property under the court of Augmentations was in full swing, he is recorded with William Pampion and John Hawclif to have held several properties in the parish of St Margaret's; these included 'the messuage called le Axe and the two messuages and buildings, shops, etc.
When he borrowed 10 [pounds] from Humphrey Banaster he pledged , security two messuages, two barns, two gardens and sixty acres of arable and woodland in Chiddingly: P.R.O., C.
The company had purchased the property, consisting of two messuages and a garden, from the grocers in 1531 and had converted it into their hall by 1535, though the site also contained four tenements that the company let out for a total rent of 3 [pounds sterling] 0s 8d.