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Hariri's audacity manifested itself at its best when he lent full support to the army something which turned him into a guarantor not solely of moderation but rather of civil peace"; "Hariri was duly met halfway by Hassan Nasrullah," he retorted.
The two sides finally met halfway and Fincher finally agreed on letting him wear a different cap: A Mets one.
Yet this bleak prospect is met halfway by the fact that the Syrian revolution is essentially one of the heart: Indeed, the intellectual accumulation made possible by the tyrannical regime is very modest, while the self-dissociation of a broad sector of Syrian intellectuals from the revolution has weakened the latter's intellectualism in favor of a distinctive and overwhelming emotional and intimate form of expression as seen through a torrent of artistic and creative works.
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Romanian counterpart Victor Ponta have met halfway on the newly constructed Danube Bridge 2 connecting the two countries.