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Seventy-nine persons (58%) met the case definition of an acute onset of vomiting and/or diarrhea, occurring within 48 hours after eating the reception meal.
Fecal specimens were collected from 6 ill persons who met the case definition.
Of 28 persons whose illness met the case definition, 24 (3 hospitalized case-patients and 21 villagers) had antibodies to Trichinella spp.
Jernigan reviewed the demographics of 428 suspected cases that had been reported in the United States as of April 4, 2003, including 100 (23%) that met the case definition for SARS.
The percentage of passengers whose reports met the case definition for acute gastroenteritis varied from 19% to 41%.
During the outbreak, a total of 55 persons experienced illnesses that met the case definition; 12 were hospitalized, and seven died.
Of the other 19 persons (aged 28-88 years), 3 had elevated alanine aminotransferase (ALT) concentrations and 3 had a previous report of a positive IgM anti-HAV test result but did not have illness that met the case definition at that time either.
83% of base population) met the case definition for influenzalike illness.
Other than the 13 persons who sought care at the military hospital (one was diverted to a civilian hospital), no other person who was interviewed and met the case definition sought medical care.
Thus, including the death described above, we found 61 persons who met the case definition for neurocysticercosis; 43 (70%) of these were incident cases.
However, because the person met the case definition, for purposes of the case-control study this person was counted as a sixth case-patient.
Thirty patients met the case definition during the study period; 60 controls were selected.