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Neither the pre-embryo, embryo nor fetus can metabolise alcohol, which means fetal blood alcohol concentrations remain high until the alcohol diffuses back into the maternal blood circulation and is metabolised by the maternal liver (Rosett 1984).
Fatty acid metabolism is involved in the production of energy within the cells, while an increased sensitivity to insulin "would result in the lean phenotype that the thoroughbred is known for, because they have highly adapted the ability to metabolise sugars and remain lean under those circumstances," she said.
IF you drink too much alcohol, there is a herb called milk thistle which helps the liver to recover and help your body to metabolise the alcohol.
Rats metabolise it much more slowly, and dogs more slowly still.
By drinking at least 6 cups each day with or after meals, Pu-erh tea helps to metabolise fat.
The advice on eating diary is conflicting and the answer probably lies in the source and quality of the produce and the individual's ability to metabolise dairy.
Dr Jeremy Tomlinson, from the University's School of Medicine, said: "We believe that the body's production of steroids is linked to our ability to metabolise fat and the likelihood of developing diabetes.
It is thought the minerals and carbonation found in fizzy water may help your body metabolise cholesterol
You should also limit your consumption of commercially-raised meats including beef, pork, and chicken because these meats contain high saturated fats and decrease the body's ability to metabolise oestrogen.
Chromium is an essential mineral that helps the body to metabolise fat.
Tilbury says both strains are equipped with three genes necessary to breakdown or metabolise the man-made chemical to its final product, cyanuric acid, which is then used as a nitrogen source by bacteria.
However a comprehensive urine drug screen was positive for ranitidine, ibuprofen and caffeine (Humberston 2003) which themselves could potentially contribute to the liver damage when used concomitantly with kava, given that the liver would have to metabolise both kava and these drugs.