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Excessive sugar intake also limits your liver's ability to metabolise oestrogen and impairs the immune system.
IF you drink too much alcohol, there is a herb called milk thistle which helps the liver to recover and help your body to metabolise the alcohol.
Oolong tea is also thought to help enhance the body's ability to metabolise fat.
Type-2 diabetes, in which the pancreas stops producing insulin needed to metabolise sugars, is believed to be associated with a rich diet and a lack of exercise.
EFSA scientists have re-evaluated BPA after studies showed significant differences between humans and rodents in exposure effects, notably that people metabolise and excrete BPA far faster, limiting the relevance of previous mice tests.
State corrections officials said after Wednesday's execution that Diaz had liver disease, which caused him to metabolise the lethal drugs more slowly.
COCAINE starts to metabolise, or to break down within the body, virtually immediately, and the process only takes two or three hours to complete, which explains why tests never find the drug itself, writes Graham Green.
Inside embryo fossils recovered from a rock layer in China, the scientists found bubble-like vesicles that might have been used to transport, store or metabolise molecules.
Carbohydrates are the body's best fuel-source for distance running - when your body runs out of carbohydrate it is forced to metabolise fatty acid which can cause severe sluggishness during a long run.
Lean Health contains only natural vitamins, minerals and herbs which metabolise fat and replace vital nutrients lost while dieting.
Add a little grated fresh ginger, again to help settle digestion and finish with a spoonful of honey to help metabolise the alcohol and lift blood sugar.
Baby teeth have thinner and often weaker enamel, so have less protection against bacteria that metabolise sugar and cause tooth decay.