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Because of a similarity across experimental categories in the efficiency with which these cells were absorbed in the gut, an identical difference in metabolizable energy intake was observed.
Deviations are likely, due to inadequacies in the methods of measuring metabolizable energy (energy intake from stomach flushing, digestive efficiencies from [Mn.
2015) who reported that replacement of basal diet to crude glycerine increased the gross energy, digestible dry matter, digestible energy, and metabolizable energy in the experimental feed.
Effects of the standardized ileal digestible lysine to metabolizable energy ratio on performance and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing pigs.
Se evaluaron cuatro concentraciones de energia metabolizable (EM) con la adicion de xilanasas, de acuerdo a la cantidad senalada por la casa comercial (Trouw Nutrition[R]) para la etapa de iniciacion (3,350 Mcal [kg.
McNab JM and JC Blair Modified assay for true and apparent metabolizable energy based on tube feeding.
Some concerns that should be noted with fat utilization include: use of higher levels of fat may negate the effects of pelleting, measurement of Metabolizable Energy (ME) content can be difficult, there is the potential for rancidity, equipment needs relative to fat additions must be adequate and potentially poor digestibility of saturated fats by the young bird [5].
Gas production from the a and b fractions of the feed was different among harvesting days (p<0,05), whereas the constant rate of gas production c and the metabolizable energy content were superior at 10 days after germination.
Overall, these studies showed that the sample of crude glycerin contained an apparent metabolizable energy (AME) concentration of 3,207 calories per kilogram (kcal/kg).
950 (kcal kg-') Metabolizable energy Cálcio (%) 0,92 Calcium Fósforo disponível (%) 0,41 Available P Sódio (%) 0,18 Sodium Lisina total (%) 1,13 Lysine Metionina total (%) 0,46 Methionine Treonina total (%) 0,82 Threonine Triptofano total (%) 0,26 Tryptophan * Suplemento Vitamínico-mineral.
Para incrementar la energia metabolizable (EM) es necesario reducir las perdidas de energia en orina y en gases de la fermentacion.
Figure 17-23 If the metabolizable protein exceeds maintenance needs, gain can be supported.