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This would also explain why the ability to metabolize ethanol didn't evolve in tree-dwelling primates like orangutans that rarely encounter fermented fruit.
All the rage over the past couple of years, smoothie bars are popping up everywhere, but your average eight-ounce drink metabolizes into the equivalent amount of blood sugar of eight teaspoons of table sugar.
While Metabolize and $ave is already a proven winner in mass market trade classes, Chitosol may hold out even greater potential over the long run.
Metabolize and $ave began shipping last September and is already carried by most leading chain drug stores and other mass market outlets.
Already, specialty medicine is using FDA-approved tests such as the UGT1A1 gene assay, which measures a patient's ability to metabolize the chemotherapeutic irinotecan, to make more rational drug choices.
This suggests that an individual's ability to metabolize and neutralize MEHP may play a role in determining effects.
s Metabolize and $ave has taken the mass market, and chain drug stores in particular, by storm, according to executives at the supplier.
As the body continues to metabolize nutrients, energy is created, which is measured in calories.
Individuals with a reduced ability to metabolize these drugs may be exposed to higher levels of the drug, placing them at risk for adverse drug reactions.
By studying a genetically based variation in the speed at which people metabolize alcohol, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston have collected evidence linking alcohol with elevated levels of HDL cholesterol and reduced coronary disease risk.
And they do the same thing with their food that you do with yours: They metabolize it - convert the nutrients to energy, which they use to build new cell structures.