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All the rage over the past couple of years, smoothie bars are popping up everywhere, but your average eight-ounce drink metabolizes into the equivalent amount of blood sugar of eight teaspoons of table sugar.
The affects of alcohol: One reason women get drunker than men on the same amount of alcohol has nothing to do with body size: It's because they can't metabolize the spirits as efficiently, research suggests.
Good candidate proteins for studying an antidepressant response include the receptors that the drug interacts with in the brain and the enzymes in the liver that metabolize the drugs.
There are a large number of proteins in a system at any one time, and they are always changing as an organism cats and metabolizes food, exercises, and sleeps.
Researchers already knew that heavy people tend to metabolize efavirenz relatively quickly.
Drugs that CYP2D6 are thought to metabolize include Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, Hydrocodone, Risperdel, Toprol, Ultram, Ziac and the over-the-counter drugs, Allegria, Dytuss and Tusstat.
Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory (GSDL) today announced the expansion of its successful Genovations(TM) line of predictive genomic tests with the launch of the DetoxiGenomic(TM) profile, an assessment of over 20 genetic variants affecting the body's ability to metabolize drugs, hormones, and environmental toxins.
YOU'RE OK, I'M OK In addition to affecting how a specific person metabolizes drugs, genetic variations also encode other molecules at the biochemical center of many diseases.
A new study indicates that the body can metabolize nicotine into products that the lungs subsequently may convert into a potent carcinogen.
The TCA1 bacterium thrives in the presence of TCA, and it metabolizes the pollutant into chloroethane, which is relatively easily remediated by aerobic soil microbes.
This gene has two versions, one whose enzyme metabolizes alcohol faster than the other's does.
The first product will be a tocopherol/tocotrienol Vitamin E mix which has been shown to effect the way the body metabolizes fat and positively impact blood chemistry.