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One hypothesis of heart disease suggests that a heart can gradually fail after a nonfatal heart attack because the organ's muscle cells become inefficient at both taking up glucose and metabolizing fatty acids, says Clarke.
If a plot harbored soil bacteria capable of metabolizing the naphthalene, carbon dioxide that included carbon-13 built up in the jar over that soil.
These data suggested that the altered estrogen ratios in DBP-, DBBP-, or DPP-treated rats could be due to induction of estradiol metabolizing enzymes in the liver.
Genetic polymorphisms have already explained differences in other methylation systems, such as those for metabolizing drugs.
Other metabolizing agents that are being carefully examined are a large family of enzymes called cytochrome p450s.
She does not eat the fungus during that period but sustains herself by metabolizing fat and the now useless wing muscles.
Martin and Muller's hypothesis assumes that the bacterium taken in by the archaeon could generate ATP by metabolizing organic molecules aerobically or anaerobically.