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These can be reviewed as part of a taxonomy or metadata design process, and subsequently written directly to Box metadata fields on each piece of content.
External schemas are schemas that define an XML vocabulary and syntax appropriate for use in conjunction with METS in its descriptive and administrative metadata contexts" (Library of Congress, 2011, METS Extenders).
Relatively small sets of metadata can be obtained from phones - the time and duration of calls, phone numbers and locations of callers and recipients, the serial number of the phones and calling cards used.
Of course, collecting and maintaining metadata can become very complex in very short order.
This was used as a brief metadata record and was encapsulated with the scanned map when it was encoded into the JP2 file.
Secondly metadata provides users with the information they need to understand the data, its limitations and evaluate the dataset's applicability for their intended use.
Metadata also may tell you if the creator of the e-mail is different from the sender; the date the e-mail was created vs.
The Data Management Association-National Capital Region is co-sponsoring the conference along with the ANSI NCITS Metadata Committee (L8).
This move solidifies Digitalsmiths' industry authority as the leading provider of personalized next-generation metadata and search offerings.
The effective implementation of any content-related strategy -- inclusive of data, digital assets or text -- should address overall management by implementing metadata with technology, people and processes in mind.
The Digital Library Federation (DLF) and the University of California at Berkeley led Cornell University, the New York Public Library, Pennsylvania State University, and Stanford University in the creation of a testbed which would produce a system for looking into metadata issues and finding solutions ultimately leading to a standard or standards (Hurley, Price-Wilkin, Proffitt, & Besser, 1999).
When an IA falls within an approved AF records schedule as determined by its metadata characteristics, the IA is a record and is managed as such.