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Nevertheless, an area with a population of 27,000 was affecting a population of over 4.5 million during the 1880s through its control of markets, coal taxes, and metage dues.(27) In 1880 the City collected no less than 487,968 [pounds] in coal and wine duties and 23,325 [pounds] in grain duties.(28) The City's total revenues in 1880 were [1.6] [pounds] million - every penny of it free from independent audit.
Doolittle writes, the real motive behind the City's decision to battle for eleven years to reclaim and preserve Epping Forest (1871-1882) was that "the project had the added advantage of providing a thoroughly acceptable pretext for extending the life-time of the controversial metage dues."(121) "Here was a chance," writes David Owen, "to prolong the ancient dues on grain, which, surely, no reasonable man could object to if the proceeds were to be used for such an estimable object as saving Epping Forest."(123) An 1872 bill had commuted metage dues for thirty years to the preservation of the forest.
Ritchie's Local Government Bill of 1888 dealt "gingerly" with the City.(135) There was much indignation over the City's being "degraded" to the status of an ordinary borough, and the loss of the City's metage rights was a clear victory for the reformers, but the City was not destroyed; City institutions were largely left untouched, as Ritchie chose to build around them.
[12.] The term "metage" means the "right to levy charges for the measurement of corn" (grains) and other foodstuffs imported from sea.