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MetaMail is particularly well suited for enterprises needing to process large and complicated data volumes in connection with their business and communication processes (e.
Metamail Publisher is ideal for e-marketers, small business owners and agencies looking to deliver highly effective e-marketing campaigns, branded e-mail alerts, enhanced auto responses, newsletters and more.
Our software gives e-mail unparalleled visual impact," says Metamail CEO Scott Rankine.
With this release, Metamail expands its tight integration for most popular e-mail client applications to include Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise as well as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
Our E-mail Publishing solution is targeted at corporations interested in differentiating themselves from their competition," said Scott Rankine, CEO of Metamail Inc.
This latest release brings the power of Metamail to millions of Microsoft Outlook Express users worldwide," says Metamail CEO Scott Rankine.