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48 The phenomenon of metamerism is seen when two objects having different spectral reflectance appear to match under a given lighting condition e.
Illuminant metamerism is when two samples having different spectral characteristics match when viewed by a normal observer under a given illuminant, but no longer match when viewed by the same observer using the same illuminating and viewing geometry but with a different illuminant.
4 a) and b) presents colour quality indices for five WLL based on the second set of LED metameric to reference DAY, and A sources respectively, as a function of the relative LED flux intensity, which is defined as ratio (B-GB)/(B+GB), where B and GB are the relative flux intensity of blue and blue-green LED respectively, as the metamerism of WLL is mainly achieved by varying the flux intensities of the blue and blue-green LED.
Metamerism may pose the problem, but color constancy provides the solution.
While that form of metamerism may matter little in most newspaper printing, IQ Colour also enlarges the on-press gamut, according to the company.
Among other things, because it cleverly simplified the problem of using the metamerism phenomenon: In a CIE space, every point do not attempt to represent a physical stimulus, but all the stimuli that, for a common observer, and under certain observation conditions, produce the same colour experience.
This phenomenon of color variations under different light sources is called metamerism.
Suitable for classroom use, this technical text defines the tristimulus specification, presents the principles of color matching and metamerism in vector-matrix form, and explains the least-square minimization technique for color transformation and several sophisticated methods for spectrum reconstruction.
It has to do with metamerism, which is a phenomenon that occurs when colors change when viewed under different light sources.
3--possible penaeid shrimp, LACMIP Hypotype 6945--antennae very long, curving abdomen exhibiting some metamerism, pleurae vague (Figure 3)
When it comes to reproducing quality digital photos, Epson more than a year ago solved one of the most difficult technical challenges--high-quality black and white images without the effects of metamerism (a greenish effect on black and white photography).
Because standard display technology attempts to match all colors by mixing only red, green, and blue on a CRT or LCD monitor, there can be significant viewer metamerism when the monitor color is compared to real dyed or pigmented samples.