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'I think that metamorphose process is probably taking some time, but I think it's going there, [he is] still working on it.
For the third annual Metamorphose fundraiser, which benefits St.
Je me propose ici de faire exactement la meme chose: je m'appuierai, pour lire le traite, sur mes auteurs de predilection, Ovide essentiellement--en particulier les Metamorphoses -, Seneque en conclusion.
"The individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together metamorphose into a new shape.
Outdoors, in pools designed to simulate ponds, the herbicide drastically reduced the share of wild tadpoles able to metamorphose.
It is Mochetti's merit to bring out this adolescent trait, which is not always outgrown, and which can sometimes metamorphose into something more monstrous, if one lacks the courage to give it tangible form where it is manifested more objectively.
* Morph: It's a delightful sound, morph, which may account for the sudden popularity of this shortened version of metamorphosis or the back-formed verb metamorphose. It's now commonly used to mean change, as in, "Following the election, the moderate Democrat morphed into a conservative one."
Now, in tOO many cases, honest differences of opinion metamorphose all too readily into ideologies, and the stakes ratchet up for both sides.
After swimming and feeding in the plankton for at least several weeks, the veliger larvae become competent to metamorphose (Pechenik, 1990); that is, they become capable of metamorphosing in response to specific external cues such as adult pheromone and microbial films (Pechenik, 1980; Pechenik and Heyman, 1987; McGee and Targett, 1989; Pechenik and Gee, 1993).
To translate is to metamorphose (mofwaze in Creole), and metamorphosis, as literary and political practice, is very much at the philosophical center of this novel.
With characters who metamorphose from human to animal form, this satirical tale suggests a cross between Aesop's fables and Kafka's The Metamorphosis, while the graphic descriptions of the physical transformations recall scenes from movies like Altered States.
La metamorphose d'un homme en bete (mais plus souvent qu'autrement en loup) est un theme recurrent dans la litterature vernaculaire du Moyen Age.