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As Sinatra croons, "I've Got You Under My Skin" Carlson struts like a showgirl who seems to be metamorphosing into a real bird.
Defendant apparently believes it can evade federal tax law by metamorphosing into various different forms of entity" Barker said in her decision.
Because Ovid does not actually describe the transformation in the Fasti, Botticelli visualizes it by referring to the myth of Apollo and Daphne, thus metamorphosing one Ovidian myth into another as Zephyr plays Apollo to Chloris's Daphne.
Strangely enough, all the flames, fireworks, metamorphosing monsters and assorted creatures that blast rockets out of their chests or turn foes into Popsicles while the landscape degenerates into a wasteland beyond the imaginings of T.
Written by authors of different nationalities and disciplines, this timely volume is accessible for readers from many backgrounds, and will lead them to a clearer understanding of the metamorphosing 'New Europe'.