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There are other recent examples in the Department of Defense of the creative use of metaphoric extensions and replacements.
The concept of metaphoric analogy that I am proposing is not derived directly from Rahner.
Gerhart and Russell described how the metaphoric process effects such cognitive changes within a person's Weltanschauung, which is an interconnected network of one's known concepts (nodes).
So, the first sentence has strong metaphoric connections.
Local firm Hentrich-Petschnigg rose to the challenge, enveloping a five-storey structure in a lightweight skin of vertical bamboo poles that diffuse light, soften the building mass and express a literal and metaphoric connection with the natural world.
Analyses and commentary mingle with frequent metaphoric, near-poetic, evocations of musical passages.
These are metaphoric senses of the term 'culture' (Alvesson, 1993).
Although this simply rhymed story may be understood as a metaphoric exploration of parenthood, its shape and design is a powerful example of how a little can create a lot.
Linda Bouchard's original score (including a child's voice) complements Nelson's spasmodic bursts of energy, as her dancers leapfrog, loll in a metaphoric sandbox, tease their pals and fall into bonding gambits of a pre-sexual nature.
Much remained to be discovered, and Professor Biow emphasizes particularly the attitude of "wonder" that Fracastoro's scientific concern evinces, according to "the metaphoric structure of scientific knowledge at its inception" (79).
Mingus Among Us" is a metaphoric journey into the survival stories of mad geniuses like the phenomenal jazz bassist Charles Mingus.
Thank you to Susan Froberg for the metaphoric dance we do each month when deciding what the art will look like on each page of the magazine.