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He discusses the most important emotional need, the illogical way the unconscious thinks, how people gain emotional strength, what hides in the unconscious, how psychological assets can become liabilities, the unconscious component of feelings, recognizing disguised emotional problems, how talking resolves emotional problems, the hidden causes of relationship problems, the metaphorical nature of small talk, what makes people want to kill, ways to resolve emotional problems, why advice or counsel may not help, deceptive emotional problems, and problems with the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic language is, for her, a source of metaphorical play: "assimilation and dissimilation" govern the process of converting matter into more or less complex particles, but it is also a rhyming, gently ironic way of summing up the process of seasonal change.
In addition, largely non-conscious metaphorical thought arises naturally throughout the world.
Two cultures may convey the same 'reality' by drawing upon different metaphorical sources (e.g., understanding is seeing vs.
Thus, the paper sets out to examine metaphorical pain expressions of the human facial parts in Lithuanian and English and elaborate the conceptual structure of pain encoded in the two languages.
Essentially, the metaphorical mapping consists in the projection of certain elements from the source domain onto the target domain.
Connelly and Clandinin (1988) argued that metaphorical images illuminate the connection between teachers' past experiences and their present action.
Rather, Romeo's metaphorical statement Juliet is the sun can be more charitably taken to effectively mean that Juliet is the warmth in his life, that his day begins and ends with her, and so on.
Put simply, appreciating deeply the metaphorical nature of religious language necessarily leads followers of religions back to a stance of humility and openness to the truth claims of other religions.
of Minimalism, they often point to their own spatial contexts, though they also take on a metaphorical dimension--a few are even narrative.
Knowledge management has recently hit on the metaphorical underpinnings of knowledge, as is attested by this special issue, but this discovery is in fact just another instantiation of the general cognitive--scientific interest in the metaphorical structure of many abstract concepts in a wide range of socio-cultural domains, including management and organization, education and science, politics and government and health and care (Ortony, 1979/1993; Gibbs, 2008).
Instead of the congruent realization of a norm, the metaphorical representation has become the norm in many instances.