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We may say, metaphorically, that when to-day is Tuesday, your belief that it is Tuesday points TOWARDS the fact, whereas when to-day is not Tuesday your belief points AWAY FROM the fact.
FOOTBALL GAFFES "R it k "Rosenior takes the throw-on" - PAUL MERSON "Aston Villa have literally metaphorically had their paints pulled down" - DION DUBLIN "Chelsea attacked like the Red Arrows" - JOE COLE "If you're going to win the Premier League, you're going to have to finish ahead of Chelsea and Man City" - GRAEME SOUNESS "The problem is not that we are doing badly, it is because we are not doing things well" - PATRICE EVRA "Man City have got the best, if not the secondbest, squad in the league" - GEORGIE BINGHAM "I'm off to work on my German pronounciation" - GEOFF SHREEVES Heard a gaffe?
IN reply to Eddie Sanders (Letter, December 19), Jesus often spoke metaphorically to put across some important teaching.
Which astronomical term is also used metaphorically for the lowest point?
Byline: Literally and metaphorically, everyone was in the dark during the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.
I am happy to say that thanks to Jane Ng in NZNO's membership team, who obliged me with extra issues, I can now metaphorically have my cake and eat it too.
Keeping things clean and orderly is satisfying work, both metaphorically and realistically.
FOR CENTURIES THE OCEAN AND GOD have been linked metaphorically.
Music has allowed me to transport myself to these places and more, both literally and metaphorically.
Lampblack & Ash is an emotionally engaging collection of metaphorically intense poetry by Simone Muench delving deep into the intricacies of the poet's ever resplendent mind.
David Collins: From the bottom of North Carolina, and I guess geographically metaphorically the bottom of a whiskey bottle and a bag of grass.
Any Place You've Ever Been," "Rituals and Improvisations," "The Simplest of All Mysteries," "Resistance as Memory," and "Dangerous Doubts" are metaphorically the feet that cause us to shake, rumba, shuffle, salsa, tango, Lindy Hop, and break dance to the poems that are truly the dance.