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Still, what strengthened both tendencies was that metaphysical prejudice for the "Absolute," the false intellectual conscience.
There, again, is the constitutional shrinking, through a kind of metaphysical prejudice, from the concrete--that fear of the actual--in this case, of the Church of history; to which the admissions, which form so large a part of these volumes, naturally lead.
Abstractions such as 'authority,' 'equality,' 'utility,' 'liberty,' 'pleasure,' 'experience,' 'consciousness,' 'chance,' 'substance,' 'matter,' 'atom,' and a heap of other metaphysical and theological terms, are the source of quite as much error and illusion and have as little relation to actual facts as the ideas of Plato.
Nay, what does history yet record of the metaphysical annals of man.
Synopsis: Drawing from different world traditions, in "The Book of Blessings and Rituals: Magical Invocations for Healing, Setting Energy, and Creating Sacred Space", leading metaphysical teacher Athena Perrakis presents blessings to cover a wide array of occasions and intentions, including holidays and sacred days, love, healing, protection, prosperity and success, lunar blessings and rituals, and manifestation.
Philosophical Horizons: Metaphysical Investigation in Chinese Philosophy
Fine and Rosen have argued that normative necessity is distinct from and weaker than metaphysical necessity.
Offer raw rock, metaphysical rocks and the hugely popular semi-precious stones.
Synopsis: In "Metaphysical Graffiti: Deep Cuts in the Philosophy of Rock", Randall E.
Nefertiti, a pulp fiction mystery introducing Archer "Ace" Hart, the best PI in Los Angeles City; Freedom, a story about two men in prison and a metaphysical journey; Blade, life as lived from the perspective of a blade of grass; and Choices, a story about a young woman who must make a difficult choice and the life she lived as a result of the choice she made."
No possible evidence can justify a metaphysical statement.2.
Introduction: That metaphysical poetry can be an expression of religious faith might well seem to be a bold, interesting and, yet, ill-advised thesis.