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Still, what strengthened both tendencies was that metaphysical prejudice for the "Absolute," the false intellectual conscience.
There, again, is the constitutional shrinking, through a kind of metaphysical prejudice, from the concrete--that fear of the actual--in this case, of the Church of history; to which the admissions, which form so large a part of these volumes, naturally lead.
Offer raw rock, metaphysical rocks and the hugely popular semi-precious stones.
Transplanting the Metaphysical Organ: German Romanticism between Leibniz and Marx.
Nevertheless, he presents metaphysical issues as dependent on truth-making, first because it allows a unified account with a constant theme running through it, and second because he highly suspects that something very much like truth-making has underpinned much metaphysical thinking, both during the last hundred years or so and much earlier.
Nefertiti, a pulp fiction mystery introducing Archer "Ace" Hart, the best PI in Los Angeles City; Freedom, a story about two men in prison and a metaphysical journey; Blade, life as lived from the perspective of a blade of grass; and Choices, a story about a young woman who must make a difficult choice and the life she lived as a result of the choice she made.
No possible evidence can justify a metaphysical statement.
Introduction: That metaphysical poetry can be an expression of religious faith might well seem to be a bold, interesting and, yet, ill-advised thesis.
With the publication of her first book of poetry, Metaphysical Dictionary, the older and wiser Lilova has reversed the flow.
Noetics" refers to a branch of metaphysical philosophy focused upon the study of mind and intellect.
s clear personal commitment to the saints leads to a theological anthropology revolving around social desire, the human longing for shared meaning that is personal without being individualistic, and that aspires to participate in a reality inclusive of the metaphysical.
Conversations With the Universe: How the World Speaks to Us is a pick for metaphysical, new age, and spirituality collections alike and shares the basics of receiving messages from the universe and understanding and processing these messages.