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During search operation at Metari Narai near Mir Khoni and Khajuri, 3 suspected terrorists apprehended.
Terrorists fired with rockets at Metari Narai, resultantly 1 soldier embraced shahadat and 5 others were injured.
jolt is just the right strength thanks to the CoffeeMeter from Metari, Palo Alto, Calif.
This product gets rids of the guess work involved in making coffee," said Dave Schnedler, founder of Metari, Inc.
We are becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs," said Dave Schnedler, founder of Metari Inc.
With several advantages Satelindo is optimistic that it could sell 80,000 units of Metari in 1998.
Hydraulex Global has completed its largest acquisition to date by acquiring Metaris Hydraulics, headquartered in Forest, Mississippi.
Michael Smith, President of Metaris says, "I am pleased to have Metaris join the Hydraulex family.