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For each patient, we collected information on baseline characteristics, such as age, sex, date of nephrectomy, prognostic class based on the Heng criteria, (14) and site of metastases at the beginning of the third-line treatment.
Kondziolka and colleagues highlight five misconceptions that, in their view, must be overcome to advance treatment for patients with brain metastases.
8) The rarity of the lesion and its varied presentation has caused cutaneous metastases of this type to be misdiagnosed as epidermal inclusion cysts, pyogenic granulomas, hemangiomas, herpes zoster, and cellulitis.
Most notably, this approach produces a high incidence of brain lesions and a low frequency of visceral metastases (28).
Although lung metastasis has been reported in more than 40% of cases of prostate cancer, (1,2) cases of isolated lung metastases without concurrent bone or lymph node metastases are limited.
Bone metastases secondary to prostate cancer typically target the lumbar spine, vertebrae and pelvis.
The report provides information on the key drivers and challenges of the bone metastases market.
Bone metastases are identified in 3-5% of patients with DTC (18) and frequently show signs of pain, pathological fractures and spinal cord compression in cases of vertebral involvement.
To further define this lesion and rule out other potential bone metastases positron emission tomography- computerised tomography (PET-CT) and Technetium-99m whole body bone scan was arranged.
Historically, surgical resection of CRC liver metastases has been the sole treatment modality to achieve long-term survival in patients with stage IV CRC, with approximately 25-40% of patients who undergo R0 liver resection (i.
The primary end point was the cumulative risk of symptomatic brain metastases.
Virtually all primary cancers can lead to metastases in the colon and rectum, but the incidence of these metastases is not well documented.