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Kubota et al., "A case of adrenal metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma effectively treated with local ethanol injection," Japanese Journal of Clinical Radiology, vol.
Pleural metastasis also accounts for approximately 33% of extrapulmonary spread.
It has been suggested that MRI is a superior modality for discovering muscle metastasis; however, masses can show identical characteristics on MRI or CT [3, 17].
The patient had a complete bone metastasis workup; chest X-ray showed a right upper lobe nodule for which an FNA biopsy under CT scan was done demonstrating the same pathology as for the calcaneus.
Tao, "Metastasis to the penis in a patient with adenocarcinoma of lung, case report and literature review," Medical Oncology, vol.
This was an uncommon morphology and an uncommon site for this metastasis, as only 11% of cases are situated in this area, and the most implicated skin site, accounting for up to 35% of these events, is close to the inguinal region [2].
Fidler, "The seed and soil hypothesis revisited--the role of tumor-stroma interactions in metastasis to different organs," International Journal of Cancer, vol.
Despite improvements in diagnostic techniques, only 13 cases of esophageal metastasis in living HCC patients have been reported in the last 20 years on PubMed, including this case (Table 1) [8-18].
It is reported that fast arterial flow in the thyroid gland, high oxygen saturation, and iodine content hinder the growth of metastatic malignant cells; hence, metastasis to the thyroid gland rarely occurs (5, 7).
Few reports of lingual lymph node metastasis exist in the medical literature.
Researcher Douglas Hurst conducted a literature review of more than 10,000 publications on metastasis and published the findings in Cancer Research, from the American Association for Cancer Research.
Thirty-seven patients had lymphatic metastasis, and 63 patients had no lymphatic metastasis; 20 patients had lymphatic vessel invasion and 80 patients had no lymphatic vessel invasion.