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in their retrospective review of management of solitary metastasis of less than 3.
Guidelines for diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of liver metastasis of colorectal cancer (V2013) (in Chinese).
At a fundamental level, we found that cell density is very important in triggering metastasis.
In correlation with imaging findings, a diagnosis of RCC--clear cell type of the right kidney with multiple sites of metastasis including skin was made.
4), which indicated metastasis in the 26 X 19 mm lesion.
The pathology revealed a solitary subcapsular adenocarcinoma metastasis measuring 3.
031) and between invasion depth and neck metastasis (p=0.
So it is the responsibility of the dermatologist to have high index of suspicion in patients presenting with cutaneous features suggestive of metastasis and manage accordingly.
Testicular metastasis of RCC often occurs in the ipsilateral left testicle and generally precedes or concurrently presents with primary RCC.
A massive cutaneous metastasis with no direct relations with the intra-abdominal tumour was found in the subcutaneous tissue of the right hypochondrium (Figures 3 and 4).
Origin of cerebral metastasis was from the lungs in 7(43.