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Kramer adds that physicians might one day use these two integrins as markers for identifying those melanomas most likely to metastasize and therefore requiring more rigorous treatment to eradicate.
7 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, shows that antibodies to Hpr bind preferentially to breast cancer cells with a propensity to metastasize.
DOE's acting general counsel, Eric Fygi, complained in a letter to the subcommittee that providing the documents requested by the subcommittee threatens "to metastasize without discrete bounds to embrace all current and future Yucca Mountain licensing proceeding matters.
The likelihood of systemic metastasis appears to correlate with the depth of skin invasion, as leiomyosarcomas that originate in subcutaneous tissues metastasize systemically in one-third of cases.
Most also develop the unnatural ability to metastasize, spawning proliferative cells that rip through barrier tissues to colonize new sites far from the initial tumor.
Since telomerase plays a critical role in the ability of cancer cells to divide and metastasize over long periods of time, it is an attractive target for anti-cancer drug development.
8,9] However, it is rare ([sim]1%) to see only a single hypernephroma metastasize to the head or neck, as was the case with our patient.
If physicians could accurately predict which cancers would metastasize, women for whom chemotherapy proved unnecessary could be spared the treatment's harsh side effects.
Not only is surgery often the treatment of choice for nonirradiated tumors, but the fact that many of these tumors occur in or metastasize to irradiated areas often makes surgical treatment more favorable than reirradiation.
Although CLL originates in the white blood cells of the bone marrow, its ability to spread through the blood allows it to metastasize to many different parts of the body including the spleen, lymph nodes and liver.