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The primary cytological features to differentiate HCC from metastatic tumors stated by Bottles et al.
Expression of EphB4 as seen on immunofluorescence staining of the primary tumor (figure, A), metastatic tumor (figure, B), and normal tissue (figure, C) was compared with that seen on H&E staining of the adjacent sections (figure, D, E, and F, respectively).
Positive immunostaining for CK7 was observed in from 80% to 95% of the tumor cells in both the primary and metastatic tumors in all of the cases (Table).
Methods: Thirty-four patients with spinal metastatic tumor who received treatment in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University from May 2014 to June 2015 were selected.
As a result, this article emphasizes on detailed dento-alveolar examination and early diagnosis to find the primary focus of metastatic tumor.
Even though management of metastatic tumor to bowel is only palliative, considerable relief can be obtained by resection of obstructed bowel and therefore, in the absence of overwhelming systemic disease, surgical intervention is still an option.
FFPE cell block samples prepared from these fluid specimens are routinely obtained in the diagnostic workup of cases with a metastatic tumor and are often used to provide a diagnosis of malignancy and to identify the primary tumor site.
Administered clinically by simple intravenous infusion, the Epeius tumor-targeted gene delivery system enables Rexin-G to seek out and accumulate selectively in cancerous tissues and remote metastatic tumor nodules that have spread throughout the body.
As tumor cells begin to aggregate, they form homotypic clumps, consisting only of potentially metastatic tumor cells, or heterotypic clumps, consisting of tumor cells, platelets and lymphocytes.
2005) inferred that tungsten somehow played a role in the Fallon leukemias while presenting data suggesting that implanted tungsten alloy caused metastatic tumor formation, readers may confuse the issues and assume that somehow the two effects (rhabdomyosarcoma and childhood leukemia) are related.
The major determinant of morbidity and mortality due to cancer is related to the failure to effectively eliminate or control the established metastatic tumor colonies.