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Mete was also censured and ordered to pay $4500 towards the Tribunal costs and $3000 towards the costs incurred by the Health and Disability Commissioner.
"I am definitely on a mission to help women get in touch with their greatness and to be everything they've ever imagined they could be," says Mete. "That's my dream."
Porcaro Stolarek Mete said the all-cash purchase of the managed services provider fits into the company's strategy and dedication to serving the long-term IT needs of the Chicago small and medium business space.
But the probation service had found no record of any James Mete dying in the past year, the court heard.
Mete cited the increased promotion of Turkish confectioneries in foreign markets as well as investments in R&D to improve and diversify confectionery products as the reasons for last year's strong performance.
Mete said the association was urging the two governments to make a free trade agreement, however no progress had been made so far.
Mete said bilateral relations between Turkey and Serbia gained momentum after 2000, and noted that bilateral relations boosted after removal of visa requirements, implementation of Free Trade Agreement and increase in reciprocal plane flights.
Danis Mete (58) and Erdinc Turanli (34) sailed towards to the Black sea to make night diving.
Mete defined Indonesia, with 250 million population, as one of the countries affected the least from the global economic crisis.
6710, which was unanimously approved on final reading with 224 votes, would also mete out this penalty for fraud involving more than 50 automated teller machine (ATM) cards.
Turkey intends to raise food supplies to Russia to $3.0 billion in 2015 from $1.2 billion in 2013 if customs duties are lowered, Zechariah Mete, chairman of the nation s grocery products exporters association, said.
Its co-founder and CEO, Mete Gokdemir, will retain his position with the company, while co-founder Johan Bruce will take on the executive director position.