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As previously reported, Meteoric reached an agreement with North Australian Diamonds Limited (ASX:NAD) for NAD to explore a 500sq km package of tenements in the unexplored West Arunta region of WA for diamonds (MEI ASX release 1 June 2011).
It has been dubbed the Government's favourite ethnic minority organisation, and has undergone a meteoric rise since being launched in 1999, to become a multi-million-pound enterprise after forging close links with New Labour ministers.
So scientists prefer to collect meteoric dust on oil-coated plastic plates flown by a plane some 65,000 feet (20 kilometers) high, where most earthly dust never ventures.
Beatty suggests the clouds are vaporized meteor material, and his group expects to tune the lidar to detect other meteoric elements such as iron and calcium.
The former Chelsea chief has sent scouts to check out the Crystal Palace forward, 20, whose meteoric rise continues.
Perth, Australia, June 1, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Meteoric Resources Nl (ASX:MEI) has signed a Heads of Agreement with North Australian Diamonds Limited (ASX:NAD) for NAD to explore a 500sq km package of four Meteoric tenements in the West Arunta region of Western Australia for diamonds.
Sue McMahon, from Calderdale, said: "As a divisional secretary, I have seen a meteoric rise in work-related stress and on more than one occasion have had to support a member who has attempted suicide.
Summary: Brit award-winning musician Ben Drew aka Plan B has put his meteoric success down to self-belief and his faith.
Younger readers will enjoy Jennifer's meteoric rise and the downfall of evil (as represented by the cheating ultra-snob actress wannabe).
Since then, the company has experienced meteoric growth.
In his eagerly awaited third novel, The Queen of Harlem, Brian Keith Jackson spins an effectual and entertaining story about a young man's less than meteoric jaunt from a privileged, albeit snooty world of refined Southern black culture to the down-home and often fast-paced world of Harlem.