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Meteoric has yet to commence an assessment of Coorara's magnetite potential pending assessment of the direct shipping potential of the hematite-goethite mineralisation.
NO 8 BATTLE: Captain Xavier Rush faces stiff competition from Andy Powell; METEORIC RISE: Andy Powell has been a huge success story for Wales during the recent autumn internationals
It has been dubbed the Government's favourite ethnic minority organisation, and has undergone a meteoric rise since being launched in 1999, to become a multi-million-pound enterprise after forging close links with New Labour ministers.
TechTarget's meteoric success, which I forecasted in a speech at NEPA in 2000 to a crowd of sceptics, truly defies gravity," Levenson said.
However, Anise's nice home is really just a house; her meteoric rise in corporate America has slammed into not just a glass ceiling but a cement one; and her once fairy tale marriage has suddenly become rocky and unhappy.
She tracks the meteoric rise of corporate diversity trainings, considered a matter of economic survival but proven ineffective in improving race relations on the job, and examines "re-evaluation counseling," a therapeutic model that she names a "stealth" strategy--on the surface egalitarian but truly controlled by one man.
Jan/Feb, 2002) of the meteoric rise of Chicago Bishop Wilton Gregory to the coveted, powerful presidency of the U.
In Brand Warfare, D'Alessandro shares legions of anecdotes accumulated during the course of his meteoric business career and, from them, draws up a series of rules in the effort to establish a brand.
Readers of CTR are aware that RAID remains one of the fundamental storage technologies, grown by the server generation and made ubiquitous by the meteoric growth of data to be managed.
The group's claim is now winding its way through the legal system at a less than meteoric speed.
As for assuring supplies, I believe the meteoric rise in NR prices in '94 and '95, which INRA couldn't curtail even after selling off all of its buffer stock, probably would have more to do with encouraging maintaining and expanding supplies.
Medusa's Head constipates our gaze: suspended inches off the floor, this meteoric conglomeration of cement, rock, and toy trains entreats us to probe its debased sculptural materiality.