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Meteoric rise: Leonidas Kattou outside the Marina Fish Bar, Willenhall, Coventry.
Meteoric has yet to commence an assessment of Coorara's magnetite potential pending assessment of the direct shipping potential of the hematite-goethite mineralisation.
She said: "As a divisional secretary I have seen a meteoric rise in work-related stress and on more than one occasion have had to support a member who has attempted suicide.
title and was named a T&G Super Teamer, continued his meteoric ascent on the indoor circuit for Westboro.
Owen Coyle invested heavily on the mercurial talent of Martin Paterson in the summer and has seen the striker become a firm fans' favourite, but Paterson's status would rise to meteoric levels should he score the goal that sends the hosts through tonight.
This would be the latest chapter in the meteoric rise of a player who was struggling to get in the Brighton side in League One just over two years ago.
With a note to readers assuring them that her characters are not based on real persons, Sexton--the former finance director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee--tracks the meteoric rise of the so-called "Big Money Babe of the Republican Senate," as Sachet works her way up from White House intern to the second most powerful lobbyist in Washington.
The panel felt this meteoric rise to fame should be recognised with the award.
Magic has kept a close eye on Downing's meteoric rise at Middlesbrough after seeing him in the youth team there five years ago.
After posting disappointing earnings in recent months, The Times has been eager to lease some of its space in what has become a lucrative option for the paper given the meteoric rise of Manhattan office rents.
Charles tells the story of his family's claim to fame and meteoric rise into popular culture.
WITH THE CONVICTION of Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, the CEOs who guided Enron through its meteoric rise and even more spectacular implosion of fraud and conspiracy, an era has come to an end.